FERZ is an advertising company that operates 12 own highly specialized brands in the fields of creativity and design, advertising production and marketing communications. Synergistic combination allows to solve marketing and advertising objectives and implement the boldest ideas of our Clients into reality in the most effective way.

Ferz Marketing Solutions Agency dates back to 2000. We started as a printing agency, and almost every year we developed a new branch of activities or production and naturally have grown into
a powerful holding comprising 12 separate highly specialized companies with their own industrial, commercial, storehouse capacities and a team of more than 200 professionals. All the companies are united into Svoi Advertising Holding.


Coordination of work of all the companies with Clients is carried out by account managers of Ferz Marketing Solutions Agency, which is the top company of the Holding.


Today we offer our own services and products throughout the marketing field and adhere to the concept of a unified marketing communication for our Clients' brands.


The name “Svoi” (meaning “own” in Ukrainian) reflects our unique advantage: our own ideas, own production, own communications. The synergy of these three components allows us to avoid
a large number of contracting risks and share responsibility for the outcome with the Client.


Company’s Mission is to transform marketing costs into high-performance investments.

We strive to make each hryvnia invested in marketing bring profit to our Client, and we implement our mission through:

  • Developing creative ideas, strategies, creating high-quality products and services, providing impeccable service.
  • Continuous development and training of the staff and sharing knowledge and experience with our Clients and suppliers.
  • Analysis and active implementation of advanced international experience and innovations in design, manufacturing, communications, marketing and management systems.
  • Expert consulting on all the levels of organization.
  • Synergistic relationships in ecosystem of the Holding (employees, suppliers, Clients, society) on the basis of mutual aid and mutual trust.


The Values ​​that we share:

  • Comprehensive personal growth, education and development
  • Decency, accuracy and obligingness
  • Client-orientedness
  • Focus on solutions and result, not the problem
  • Exceeding expectations
  • Striving to perfection in our work
  • Working with pleasure
  • Eco-mindedness and sense of community
  • Mutual trust, healthy and positive atmosphere


The main value of the Company is constant self-education and personal development of all the employees, and its main driving force is innovation. We have developed our own SRM system.
We implement principles and tools of Lean Production and TOC in all business processes. Holding operates its own business school and corporate library. Since the beginning of 2013 there is special investment program for employees who have worked for the company for over 5 years.


Head office and offices of monobrands are located in Kyiv.

Our own production facilities are located in Vinnytsia, Koziatyn and Kyiv.

Total area of office spaces comprises over 1,000 sqm.

Total area of ​​production and warehouse areas comprises over 3,000 sqm.


We want every employee and every Client to consider our company to be “of his own”. Join us!



   Yurij Verhovod
   General Director 

  Oleksij Kutsenko
  Business Director

 Ihor Druzev
 Finance Director

  Mykola Petruk
  Production Director