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Client: Milk Alliance©

Brand: “Yagotynske for kids”. The range of milk products for children aged from 6 months up to 3 years

Task: Launchofanewtrademark “Yagotynske for kids”

Solution: Development of the idea of advertisement video which became a basis for a unified communication strategy for the brand launch in Ukrainian market.

Creative idea

Idea of the ​​video belongs to the creative team of “Ukrainian Television Company”. We offered more than 40 different scenarios. The Client liked an idea of a pop-up book.

With the help of a pop-up book kids emotionally describe the rational benefits of “Yagotynske for kids” production. Uniqueness is that throughout the movie both ratio and emotio are present.

Video making

Video making and creation of a large pop-up book were carried out by the team of “Ukrainian Television Company”. All the process took almost 3 months. The process itself and its result brought great pleasure both to us and our Client.


Based on the idea and according to the style of children’s pop-up book, specialists of our digital agency TSEH have developed a full featured product website www.yagotynkids.com.ua.

Design and functionality of the website significantly distinguish the brand “Yagotynske for kids” on the Internet.

Promotional materials

The next step in the brand promotion was development of promotional materials to support “Yagotynske for kids” by BTL channels. Our designers have developed mini pop-up book for children — as a gift for products purchasing, as well as other interesting printing and promotional materials.


The clothing for promoters was developed and produced by designers of our sewing company Maisternі Kravtsі.

Results of the campaign

It is safe to say that the project of “Yagotynske for kids” launch became one of the most successful projects in recent years. Within a few months the brand received almost 20% of the market! Please see our short presentation, a report on the whole campaign “Yagotynske for kids”.

Project team:

Creative idea, design: “UTC”

Video making: video production company “UTC”

Website: digital agency TSEH

Promotional materials: printing house Gamma Print, Lastivka Agency

Promotional clothing: sewing manufacture Maisternі Kravtsі

Project management: Ferz Marketing Solutions Agency


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