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Client: PJSC Biofarma

Brand: Laferobion. Medication made from recombinant human interferon. Formulation: rectal suppositories. Indicated for children aged 0–6 years

Task: To wage an advertising campaign in 2013 aiming to raise brand awareness and increase sales

Solution: This large and interesting task was worked out in several stages.

Creative idea

The idea of ​​video belongs to our creative team of >STRELA.

Video brings us back in the world of childhood where magical friends help us to cope with any problems. Vivified toys and merry cartoon music points out the clip among others and forms a fairy-tale atmosphere which is always nearby.

Mother’s fears about different formulations that sound in the video bring our heroine together with TA and suggest the right solution. Mom talks over the telephone with grandmother who appears to be an unseen opinion leader. And it is commonly known that grandmother will never give a bad advice!

Jolly white dog, which became a symbol of the product, leads the toys and helps them to deliver Laferobion faster to the mother.

Video making

Fascinating process of video production took almost 2 months that passed like one day. Most of the time was spent on creation of 3D-characters, which were integrated into the real shooting. Video clip was made by our production house Ukrainian Television Company.


Media planning and placement were carried out by Media Logic Agency, which is also a part of Svoi Holding. To reach the highest efficacy, the channels of 1+1 Media Group were chosen, as well as sponsorship in Doctor Komarovskii program, who is undeniable opinion leader for TA of the product.

Soon the support on the Internet started too.

Also,Laferobion TM was integrated into the program “First aid” in a form of interactive bumpers, solids, branded props (3D-effects), electronic product placement and the drug itself in picture.


Creating of graphic materials for Laferobion TM: Production house Ukrainian Television Company.

Complete integration of Laferobion TM into the project “Emergency care” is the best case in 2014 by estimate of top management of Highline Media company.

Promotional materials

All promotional materials are now being done in a new style using new key visual with the main character — white dog which is kept in everybody’s mind after video watching.

Design concept belongs to >STRELA Creative Agency, printed materials are produced by Printing house Gamma Print, sewing souvenirs are manufactured by Maisternі Kravtsі.

Project team:

Creative idea, design: >STRELA Creative Agency

Video making: Ukrainian Television Company

Media planning and placement: Media Logic Agency

Printed promotional materials: Printing house Gamma Print

Sewing souvenirs: Maisternі Kravtsі

Project management: FERZ Marketing Solutions Agency, manager Elena Bogush

Integrated advertising campaign Laferobion

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